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August 3, 2018

Nineteen-year-old Colorado Springs native and Colorado Ballet Society former student, Natatia Warzabluk, performed in the Princess Grace Academy 2018 Gala on at 8pm on both June 23rd and 24th, 2018, at the Salle Garnier Opera House in Monte Carlo with seven other graduates from the academy. Natati...

May 5, 2018

The National Honor Society for Dance Arts chapter of Colorado Ballet Society  is coordinating with the Community Partnership for Child Development CPCD…giving children a head start program, to provide a Dance Workshop on Sunday, May 6, 2018 at Ballet Society studios.

“We are loo...

March 19, 2018

On Saturday, March 3rd, I had the opportunity to see the hit Broadway show "Hamilton: An American Musical" at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts in the Buell Theatre.

"I have to hold her down, or she might float away," laughed my dad who joined me for the show.

I couldn't stop smiling and must hav...

March 2, 2018

Six students of the Colorado Ballet Society were inducted into the National Honor Society for Dance Arts recently. SarahRose Lorrig (16) is a homeschool student; Josie Hawkins (15) is a sophomore at The Village (AOHS); Emma Michaux (17) is a junior at Colorado Springs Christian School; Gracie Mien...

Last month my family vacationed in Scandinavia. We went to Norway, Sweden and Denmark, and my director was able to get my mom connected with someone from the Tivoli Ballet School. While visiting Tivoli (an amusement park in Copenhagen), I was able to take a ballet class with five other dancers, ages 11...

May 23, 2017

Dance education gives a dancer many gifts that they carry throughout their lives—self-motivation, self-discipline, poise, grace, an appreciation for the arts, life-long friends and mentors, wonderful experiences, and precious memories. But just as in life, dance has its ups and downs. Moments where a d...

May 16, 2017

After all of the rehearsals and spring shows are over, we parents often feel a huge sense of relief, as do our busy artists who live and breathe dance. “You mean we can actually plan a family outing on a Saturday?! Our kids can actually attend a birthday party?!” It would be easy for us to tell our dan...

May 2, 2017

 May (n.): (1) the last full month of school for a lot of dancers; (2) the month of marathon rehearsals and performances; (3) when summer fever starts to set in (if it hasn’t already) and finals are still on the horizon.

This time of year was the most stressful for my daughter. She had projects, homewor...

April 25, 2017

When I was five, I wanted to be a ballerina. When I was eight, I wanted to be a tap dancer. When I was thirteen, I wanted to be a volleyball player, and the list goes on. I wanted to try everything. Thankfully, my parents raised me to dare to experience new things yet also remain dedicated to one thing...

April 4, 2017

Our dancers put their hearts, souls, and bodies into their craft. They work hard at what they love, and it shows each time they take the stage. As parents, it is wonderful to see the culmination of all that training and dedication come to life in their beautiful performances. It is sometimes easy to fo...

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