This Program Includes:

  • Online Dance Classes

  • Petite Dancechats

  • 1-on-2 Video Teacher/Student Meetings Every Month

  • DanceChats with Professionals

Colorado Ballet Society offers online classes, education, and coaching to ensure that our dancers are able to engage and learn with us at home as well as in the studio.  

Parents and dancers have made a significant investment in training, and we would like the opportunity to preserve and advance that investment.  It's important physically, mentally, and emotionally to keep up with one's skills, progress, and growing artistry. We are fully embracing our virtual opportunities to deepen our connections, and CBS teachers are here to connect in so many ways with our community of dancers.

A student registered in for CBS On Pointe in May will receive:

Online Classes

  • CBS On Pointe will use Google Classroom

  • Each level plus Tap, Hip hop, and Conditioning/PBT/Stretch will each have their own classrooms.

  • When opting in to CBS On Pointe, registered students and parents will receive a personal invitation to join. Please know that you and/or your student will need to have a g-mail account to join the class. For more information about creating a free g-mail account please visit: Create a Gmail Account or  Create a Google Account for Your Child

  • With the space restrictions in mind, our instructors have recorded themselves and/or student demonstrators in the various dance classes and levels. 

  • Classes will be posted in the corresponding levels of Google Classroom, and all dancers enrolled in the class will have access to the videos. 

  • A new class will be posted every week. In this way, your dancer can continue their regimen of training for as many weeks as we are required to be closed. Keep in mind you can retake any of the classes in Google Classroom as often as you like, as it's the amount of work you put into something that yields the best results. 

  • Our faculty will provide registered families with discussions of relevant content and additional dance activities such as instructional worksheets.

Petite DanceChats

  • Registered families will also receive videos, 2-3 minutes in length through Google Classroom, which focus on technique, corrections, and tips to support your dancer's training and help provide more focused artistic instruction for each and every registered dancer.

  • Our teachers provide dance storytime for our youngest dancers.

1-on-2 Video Teacher/Student Meetings 

  • Starting June 1, there will no longer be 1 on 2 meetings offered in the online program.

DanceChats with Professionals 

  • We are arranging for registered students to receive dancechats with professionals in the industry through Google Classroom, starting with alumni and former guest faculty.

  • Students will also have an opportunity to send questions to the guest speaker before the chats are recorded from around the world.

  • This is the perfect opportunity to obtain first-hand knowledge about the dance world and students will benefit from the insight and experience of these professionals.

How to Register for CBS On Pointe for May

  Current Students

For those continuing CBS On Pointe:

  • Pre-Professional Division: No additional tuition due this month and through June 13.

  • Studio and Children's Division: Your May invoice is your final invoice of the year and covers classes through July 18th. Your invoice will again reflect a reduced tuition (by 35%) for the same number of classes you have been enrolled in.

For those starting online Classes (did not attend in April):

  • Pre-Professional: If you choose to attend online classes in May (and did not pay tuition in April) there will be a small balance due in order to cover the difference through June 13. We are taking into account that you did not dance for five weeks in April. To opt-in to online classes, please email us with your request, and an invoice will be sent to you. Once your invoice is paid, online classes will be released.

  • Studio and Children's Division:  As a reminder, your May invoice is your final invoice of the year and covers class through July 18th. Your invoice will again reflect a reduced tuition (by 35%) for the same number of classes you have been enrolled in. To opt-in to May online classes, respond by paying your tuition. 

   New Students

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