Tuition & Fees 2020-2021

Tuition is calculated based on the number of hours danced per week

and will be calculated by the Front Desk Staff.


30 min.

45 min./ 1 hr.



















Unlimited Policy: At an enrollment of 14 hours/week, class hours may be added at no extra fee.

Studio Division and Pre Professional Division (Levels 3b-8) is Calculated for a 39-week school year

  • Tuition is divided into equal payments August through April, with classes continuing through June 12, 2021.

Children's Division (Levels 3a down) is Calculated for a 43-week school year

  • Tuition is divided into equal payments August through May, with classes continuing through July 17, 2021. 


Payments cover weeks of actual class time

  • All designated holiday breaks are factored into the payment schedule.

  • Classes that fall on Labor Day and Memorial Day may be made up at alternative times at your convenience.

  • Tuition is not adjusted for inclement weather or student absences. Make up classes are done through CBS on Pointe. Access to CBS On Pointe is provided when an absence is reported. There are no credits given or carried over for unattended classes.

  • By paying discounted tuition, your student is holding a place in class. In the unlikely circumstance that we will need to temporarily shut down, there will be no tuition refunds, as all instruction will revert to Online Instruction until we are back to in-person instruction.

  • How Tuition is Calculated:

____ (# of Hours) x ____ (Rate per Hour) x ____ (weeks left in our session) / ___ # of payments

= ____ per payment

Drop in rate: $20.00 per 45 min./ 1 hr.

Professional rate: $10/hr

Punch cards: $17 per 45 min./ 1 hr

An explanation of Discounted Tuition (DT) versus a Punch Card (PC):
  • DT is paid in advance allowing your dancer to hold a permanent place in class and be included in performances.

  • With DT, as dance hours increase, a significant savings is realized

  • A Punch Card is offered for students who do not intend to complete the total weeks of training calculated for DT, or who do not intend to perform.

  • Purchasing and taking classes using a Punch Card does NOT hold a place in class for a student. Only if there is an opening in the class, may a Punch Card student attend. If it is necessary for us to go to online classes, Punch Card students could apply any funds on their Punch Card to purchasing the Online program.

  • Punch Cards are purchased in advance at a rate of $144.50 for 8.5 hours of class time.

  • PCs do not expire, but new ones need to be purchased to continue in class.

  • PCs do not allow a student to hold a permanent place in class or allow eligibility to perform.

  • PC students are only allowed in class if there is available space.

Registration Fees

Applicable to all students and due with the first tuition payment is a non-refundable Annual Registration Fee of

  • $50.00 per dancer (fall)

  • $80.00 per two dancers (fall)

  • $110.00 for three or more (fall)

  • $35 per dancer (summer)

CBS on Pointe
  • Online Students: There is a yearly registration fee of $25.00

  • In-Studio Students: The yearly registration fee is waived for students registered for in-studio classes.

  • Any dance styles within a Classroom Level may be used for make-up classes. A code is given to you when you report an absence.

  • A new code is provided each month to access online absence.

  • CBS On Pointe Tuition (pdf)

Family Discount

Families with more than one dancer enrolled pay full tuition for the dancer with the higher tuition. Each additional family member receives a 10% discount on their tuition.

Performance Fees
(Fees increase by $10 after due date)

Falcon Location*, Briargate Location*; Pre-Professional, Studio Division, Children’s Division:

Due Feb. 1st, 2021

  • $105 for first dancer

  • $80 for each additional family member performing

  • $75 additional per dancer if performing in more than one division concert

*These fees include a $20 Media Fee. The media fee includes a downloadable link to the specified performance and can be shared with friends, family, and on social media. DVDs and Blu-Rays are no longer available for purchasing. Only one media fee will be charged per family per performance.

Company Fees

Colorado Youth Ballet *

  • TBD

Petite Nutcracker (CYB)

  • TBD

Connexus Dance Collective*

  • TBD for Winter 2021

Additional Fees

Drop Fee (Children’s Division):

  • $10.00

Drop Fee (Pre-Pro & Studio Division):

  • $15.00


*There is no drop fee or tuition refunds when dropping classes after April 1st, 2021, for Levels 3b-8; and after May 1st, 2021 for Sparkle’s through Level 3a.

Due Dates
  • Registration Fee(s) and the first Tuition payment are DUE 24 Hours after notification of tuition/fees total. If after 24 Hours, payment has not been received, your dancer will be dropped from all classes.

  • Tuition, after the initial payment, is due by the 1st of each month. If payment is not received by the 5th of the month a $25.00 late fee is added to your account. Additionally, your dancer can lose their class placement and will not be able to perform. A separate charge of $35.00 will be added to your account for any returned checks.

  • In order to be eligible to perform, tuition must be current, including the month of any scheduled performance date.

  • Tuition is due at the time of registration for summer programs.

  • Should your dancer need to withdraw from class (online or in-person) for any reason, please notify the Front Desk by the 5th of the month. If later than the 5th, you are liable for that month’s tuition. Please note if you make your payment before the 5th and then choose to drop there are no tuition refunds and you will still be eligible for classes for that month.

  • Tuition is non-refundable once classes have begun.