Kylie Tennant


Kylie is a passionate and elite athlete from Colorado Springs. She began gymnastics at age four, and her coaches placed her on the Junior Olympic track at age 5. Kylie continued this trajectory until injuries persuaded her to retire as a level 7 gymnast.


The determination, focus, and work ethic that carried over as a Junior Olympic Gymnast provided Kylie the drive and skill to grow as a dancer as she began classes at CBS. She quickly progressed in her training, joining the Colorado Youth Ballet. At 15, Kylie returned to her gymnastic roots in the form of diving, and within a few months progressed to diving at the 5m platform.


As a student at Colorado Ballet Society, Kylie utilized her competitive background in gymnastics and served as a teacher's assistant for Acro for two years.  She enjoyed sharing her passion for gymnastics with her students and helping them achieve their skills.


Kylie not only excels at her athletic pursuits but in her academic studies as well. As a junior in high school, she became a member of the National Honors Society.


Kylie is thrilled to have the opportunity to teach the Acro classes at CBS. When Kylie was a teacher assistant, we often heard she was a patient and kind mentor who took time with each student, building their confidence and helping them understand the acro material and master their goals. She has already proven herself to be an excellent instructor.