Megan Burns

Hip Hop

Megan Burns has been dancing since the age of 4 and knew right away that was her passion. She has been dancing for over 23 years and has no plans of stopping!  Growing up Megan trained with top choreographers, and performed and competed in Hip Hop, Step, Lyrical, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, and Ballet at multiple award-winning studios across Nebraska, Texas, and Colorado.  In addition, she also trained in gymnastics to further her knowledge of body movement and strength. While living in Texas Megan danced and performed with Chameleon Dance Company, and after moving to Colorado she danced with a competitive Hip Hop/Step team that competed all across the state. 


Currently, Megan loves sharing her knowledge, experience, and passion with all of her students to help them grow as dancers and individuals. Her choreography has won top choreography and 1st place awards.  She also creates full dance programs for schools and businesses wanting to add dance to their curriculum and owns her own company called MK DANCE LLC.  In addition to teaching and owning her own business, Megan has had the opportunity to work with up and coming artists on their music videos, choreographing, and performing.  Her passion for dancing has always been a way of life for Megan and brings her great pride and joy to share it with the world.