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When is the Best Time to Enroll Your Child Into A Dance Program?

Perhaps your child saw The Nutcracker recently and is interested in learning to dance, or maybe the session for that other activity they signed up for last fall is over and they are ready to try something different. Does it matter when you enroll in a dance program? When are the ideal time frames?

The best time to enroll in a dance program is when your child expresses an interest. The initial spark can come in a variety of forms. Perhaps they want to join in an activity with their friends. Maybe they have a curiosity about being on stage. Or it could be, that you have just noticed that your child enjoys moving to the music. Capitalizing on their interest can go a long way toward their success.

Typically, there is no need to wait until a particular month to enroll. Most studios accept new students year round and your dancer can be assimilated into their level at any point. There are however optimum times for enrollment and those are January (the beginning of the spring semester), May (just in time for summer programs), and August (the beginning of the new school year).

Enrolling in January/February ensures that your student can take part in spring performance opportunities. If you wait until March, performance registration may be closed, as choreography has been set, rehearsals are well underway, and it may not be possible to include your child in the class piece.

Ballet Society has some new student incentives and referral program options active currently. Call the Front Desk for details: 719.272.7078

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