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The Importance of Master Classes

Master classes are an important part of formal dance training. Even when quality instruction is part of the regular curriculum, being part of a class taught by a master instructor can give students fresh insight into their technique and exposure to potential opportunities outside their home studio.

“It’s really an advantage to students to be seen by other professionals,” says Ballet Society founder and Director, Patricia Hoffman. “However, dancers do need to be aware that there are no set criteria that make one qualified to be a master class instructor, so choose your master classes wisely.”

Here are some specifics to look for when choosing a master class:

  • Look for recognizable professionals. If you have never heard of them, research their accomplishments online.

  • Read their biographies. Is their history something your dancer wants to emulate?

  • Look for national or international awards or recognitions they may have received.

  • Even without awards or acclaim, master instructors can impart valuable insight if they have a history of training with dance masters.

  • Be aware of connections to organizations you may have a future interest in.

A series of master classes cannot make up for or take the place of technique training. It can however, give a dancer fresh insight into areas which may need extra focus. Carefully select master classes. Pay special attention if your dancer's director recommends one to you. They may specifically have your dancer's training or prospects in mind.

(Pictured: Master classes with Aoi Koenig and Jadell Lee)

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