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Essential Kids Guide to Colorado Springs

Colorado Ballet Society is committed to instilling excellence and artistry in all who pass through their doors. Through their dance performances, programs, and curriculum, CBS seeks to expand the appreciation of artistic expression, while building a community to share in the joy of their accomplishments. In recognition of the Society’s excellence, in April it was awarded the Gazette Gold award for Best in the Springs for Dance Studio for Kids. Owned and operated by Patricia Hoffman, Colorado Ballet Society recently celebrated over 20 years in business, and is expanding its Briargate location with a 6th studio space. They are also very excited to announce that CBS has collaborated with Peak Gymnastics and Fitness to open a second location in Falcon, with ballet, tap, hip hop, contemporary/jazz, and Broadway dance classes beginning the week of June 18th. Registration for both Briargate and Falcon classes is now open. If you schedule a free trial class and register for classes with CBS the same day, you will receive $10 off the Registration Fee, $10 off to Ballerina Boutique and a free t-shirt! To take advantage of this awesome deal or for general information please visit their website or give them a call at (719) 272-7078.

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