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Classical Academy Graduate Bethany Siegrist-Swiontek Appears in Sight & Sound’s Moses Showing in

Former Springs resident and graduate of The Classical Academy (2009), Bethany Swiontek, can be seen on the big screen this week portraying the Angel of Death and various other ensemble characters in Sight & Sound’s MOSES. AMC Colorado Springs 13 at Chapel Hills Mall; Regal Interquest Stadium 14 at 1120 Interquest Pkwy; Cinemark Carefree Circle with IMAX near Powers and N. Carefree; and Tinseltown near the Broadmoor World Arena in southern Colorado Springs will all be showing this filmed version in collaboration with Fathom Events for three days only on Thursday, September 13, Saturday, September 15, and Thursday, September 20, 2018.

The show is suitable for the whole family, two hours and 10 mins long, and tickets can be purchased online through the Fathom Events website and at the theater box office.

Swiontek lived in Colorado Springs for seventeen years and danced at Colorado Ballet Society for six years during that time.

“One of our instructors claimed that there would be no justice in the world if Bethany didn’t end up on the stage or the big screen,” laughs Colorado Ballet Society director, Patricia Hoffman. “Now she will have achieved both of those milestones in her career. Bethany has always been full of energy, animation and joy of life. She certainly kept us entertained as much in the classroom setting as she engaged the community while on the stage.”

When asked if there is anything about her ballet training which added to her performing success, Swiontek responds, “ABSOLUTELY. Ballet is the foundation of dance and Ms. Patty truly is a one of a kind dance teacher. Her tutelage not only gave me a solid enough foundation to hold my own in a dance call, but also gave me poise, strength, and discipline that have become crucial elements in my auditioning, singing and overall performing technique. I will forever be indebted to her for giving the best she had to offer as a teacher to each and every student she has had no matter their future path.

When asked what inspired her to pursue a performing arts career, Swiontek blames her mom.

“My mother has a beautiful voice, as well as a love for music and performing, which definitely played a part in me being exposed to it at an early age. I also had an incredible voice teacher, Carrie Stedman, who I was fortunate enough to work with from about sixth grade throughout high school. She helped instill in me a love for music and a passion for singing which I knew would always be a part of my life. I simply loved to sing. It wasn't really until about my sophomore/junior year of high school that I really began to think and take steps toward pursuing a professional career as a musical theatre performer,” shares Swiontek. “I spent four years at Ouachita Baptist University earning a Bachelor of Music degree and my voice teacher during that time, Dr. Maggie Garrett, introduced me to Sight & Sound and told me of prior students who had graduated and gone on to work for the company.”

Swiontek also has some advice to share with aspiring young performing artists. “First, do the work and do it well - study, learn, grow, build your skills in multiple areas and do all you can to always improve your technique and devote the time EARLY in your career that it takes to be successful later. Be patient and take the time to LIVE life and have relationships, even if it means saying no to an opportunity here and there. Second, know who you are and where your identity lies-this is an incredibly demanding and time-consuming field where you will hear far more nos than you will yes. It can be very unstable and ever changing and for myself, I have come to find that my identity is and must remain rooted not in something but someone other than myself, my career, or the pursuit of success, praise and adoration from others (which is ever fleeting)-that person is Jesus Christ and who He says I am, and that is ultimately the most important thing no matter where I go or what I do.”

Filmed in front of a live audience at Sight & Sound Theatres in Lancaster, PA, MOSES is a live stage production which has been attended by nearly two million people. The original production of MOSES debuted in 2014 at Sight & Sound Theatres in Lancaster, PA, then appeared in Branson, MO for the 2016-17 season. The filmed version captures all the spectacle and grand scale that are signatures of a Sight & Sound show.

Taking MOSES to cinemas marks the second time Sight & Sound has moved one of its productions from the stage to the screen. JONAH played in movie theaters nationwide in 2017. Brisk early ticket sales for the MOSES Fathom Events engagements prompted the addition of the recently added third showing.

Swiontek can also be seen on stage regularly as Mary of Bethany (the sister of Martha & Lazarus) in Sight & Sounds newest production 'Jesus', in Lancaster, PA.

When: Three performances:

  • Thursday, September 13, 2018

  • Saturday, September 15, 2018

  • Thursday, September 20, 2018

Where: In theaters nationwide including:

  • AMC Colorado Springs 13 at Chapel Hills Mall

  • Regal Interquest Stadium 14 at 1120 Interquest Pkwy

  • Cinemark Carefree Circle with IMAX near Powers and N. Carefree

  • Tinseltown near the Broadmoor World Arena in southern C/S

Tickets: $12.75 available at the theater Box Office and online

Figure 1 and 2: The Classical Academy graduate, Bethany Siegrist-Swiontek, portrays the Angel of Death in MosesPC Sight & Sound Theatres

Figure 3: Bethany Swiontek (front and center) with other Colorado Ballet Society students circa late 1990s PC Colorado Ballet Society

Figure 4: Bethany Siegrist-Swiontek, portrays Mary washing the feet of Jesus portrayed by Brandon TalleyPC Sight & Sound Theatres

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