Updates and Plans

We are happy we can share an exciting update for May! State guidance allows for CBS to re-open for in-studio Private Training classes effective May 11th, 2020: Guidelines stipulate 3 students with 1 instructor, and studio procedures are being adjusted to comply with these guidelines.

Please know that at this time, our Front Desk staff continues to monitor emails and voicemails. We know that many of our families may have additional questions or concerns, and we welcome you to reach out. We know that this is a difficult and stressful time for many of our families, and we hope that we can continue to bring the joy of dance into your child's life.

The following are some important updates regarding the studio. We will edit this page as we know more. We are eager for the day we can dance and learn with YOU all in-person again! 

CBS On Pointe (Online Instruction)

  • CBS On Pointe, our online instruction program, will remain an option for the month of May.

  • Tuition for CBS On Pointe is offered at a 35% reduced rate. If you would like to opt-in, please  see Tuition Information below.

  • As a reminder, CBS On Pointe gives your dancer access to classes, Petite DanceChats, fun activities, and more! 

In-Studio Private Training in Small Groups - (NEW for May!)

  • Private Training classes for Levels 1-8, will be offered during the month of May on a first-come, first-serve sign-up basis. Due to instructor availability, please note that not every style or level may be offered at this time. 

  • Private Training class Sign-Ups have NOT been released at this time. They will be released via email in the coming days.

  • Private Training classes are $20 per 1 hr/45 min and MUST be paid in advance via your Parent Portal. Specific instructions for signing-up will be coming via email soon!

May Tuition

For those continuing CBS On Pointe:

  • Pre-Professional Division: No additional tuition due this month and through June 13.

  • Studio and Children's Division: Your May invoice is your final invoice of the year and covers classes through July 18th. Your invoice will again reflect a reduced tuition (by 35%) for the same number of classes you have been enrolled in.

For those starting online Classes (did not attend in April):

  • Pre-Professional: If you choose to attend online classes in May (and did not pay tuition in April) there will be a small balance due in order to cover the difference through June 13. We are taking into account that you did not dance for five weeks in April. To opt-in to online classes, please email us with your request, and an invoice will be sent to you. Once your invoice is paid, online classes will be released.

  • Studio and Children's Division:  As a reminder, your May invoice is your final invoice of the year and covers class through July 18th. Your invoice will again reflect a reduced tuition (by 35%) for the same number of classes you have been enrolled in. To opt-in to May online classes, respond by paying your tuition. 


Performances that were scheduled in March-May are canceled in the format that they were originally programmed.

  • Under the Canopy: Hopefully, this beautiful choreography will be presented in the future! Some of the Student Choreography and Variations may be revitalized, recorded, and performed next season.

  • Coppelia: It's possible we could do this production next season if and when theatres are open.

  • May Studio Division Performance: Due to the length of our season, it will not be possible to reschedule this performance.

  • June Children's Division Performances: These are being postponed to July 18. If there are not clear and doable guidelines for attending performances by June 22, these performances will be canceled.

Refund Information

At this time we are crediting your account, if applicable, with the following refunds:


  • Tickets to Under the Canopy IF purchased at the Front Desk by check or cash. Otherwise, these refunds will be processed through Vendini.

  • Media Fee for Under the Canopy.

  • Performance fees for Coppelia and May Studio Division Performance (Media Fees were included in the Performance Fee).

Please inform us by email how you would like your refund:

  • Leave as a credit on my account to be used now for current tuition, Private Training classes, summer, or fall tuition.

  • Refund my credit card. If you choose this option, it needs to be done over the phone and scheduled when Amanda is at the studio.

  • Refund by check to be mailed. If you would like this option, please respond by giving us the endorsee's name and the address to send the check to.


We are so appreciative to all of those who have made donations thus far. They have given many families the opportunity to continue dancing during this time and for that, we are extremely grateful! If you would like to make a donation to CBS please let us know. 

Suggested donations: 

  • Under the Canopy Ticket Purchase

  • Under the Canopy Media Fee 

  • Coppelia Performance Fee

  • May Studio Division Performance Fee

  • Full tuition payment for those who have a payment remaining

Make Up Classes

There will be no need to report or accumulate make up classes. CBS On Pointe provides our dancers with the opportunity to do as many extra classes per week as desired. If you are not registering for our online instruction, but would still like to complete some make up classes from this past semester, we will offer that opportunity to you by providing short term access to our online curriculum.

Follow Us on Social Media

This is an opportune and great time to follow us on Facebook and InstagramThey are great resources for your dancers. Through these platforms, we have already been providing several vetted virtual class opportunities and will continue to keep you updated as much as we can. 

Ballerina Boutique

Ballerina Boutique is here to help with any dancewear needs that you may have as your dancer continues to train at home. The shop is open by appointment only. Call 719.434.5900 to schedule one today.