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Becca Grover

Sparkle Dance, Ballet, Contemporary/Jazz, Hip Hop

Becca Grover couldn't be more thrilled about joining the Colorado Ballet Society this year! With an absolute passion for the arts bubbling within her and a strong eagerness to ignite young talents with inspiration, her heart is set on stepping into the role of a Teacher at the Colorado Ballet Society. What drives her is creating an atmosphere as nurturing as it is lively—a place where students can let their dance tell stories while forming deep roots in the rich traditions that make it all so magical. 

Her journey through the captivating realm of dance has been nothing short of enriching. It all began in 2017 when she took her first steps into the world of personal dance exploration. From that point on, she delved into a diverse array of styles, including Musical Theater, Hip Hop, Worship, Irish, Ballet, Contemporary, and Modern. Fuelled by curiosity, she further expanded her horizons by partaking in various summer classes, each contributing to my ever-growing passion.

A significant chapter of Becca's artistic odyssey unfolded when she joined a theater company in 2019. She had the privilege of assuming roles in acclaimed productions like Singing in the Rain Jr. and Peter Pan Jr. These opportunities have allowed her to refine her skills and truly appreciate the art of storytelling through dance and theater. Particularly memorable have been my portrayals of Woodside Newsie in Newsies and Narrator in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Complementing her creative journey are the invaluable professional experiences she has gathered. Her role as an Intern at Turning Pointe School of Dance has seen her dedicate seven hours per week to nurturing emerging talents within the dance community. Prior to this, she actively engaged as a Teacher's Assistant, investing three hours weekly from August 2019 to May 2022. Her commitment extended even further through an enriching internship at IdRaHaJe, deepening her understanding of children of all ages.

Continuing her path of excellence in both the arts and education, she is genuinely thrilled to channel her skills, knowledge, and unwavering enthusiasm into the role of a Teacher at Colorado Ballet Society. She aspires to foster growth, nurture expression, and empower young dancers to thrive in their artistic journeys. Here's to a vibrant future of dance!

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