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Competition Ensemble

Competition Ensemble is by invitation only and per the Artistic Director’s discretion.

The Artistic Director will assign dancers classical variations and recommend contemporary choreography that best suits each dancer’s needs and talents. 


Dancers will rehearse 2-3 hours per week, per piece (solos, duets, trios, etc.). Any additional required or necessary rehearsals must be scheduled as Private Lessons and paid as such.

ALL fees depend on a per dancer/per need basis

  • Universal Ballet Competition Fees:

    • These fees include the administrative costs of registering and maintaining a dancer’s registration throughout the season.​

    • Fees are due at the time of UBC registration, on August 21st, 2023.

      • Solos: $135 per dancer per entry

      • Duets/Trios: $85 per dancer per entry

      • Pas de Deux: $90 per dancer per entry

      • Ensemble/Repertoire: $77 per dancer per entry​

  • YAGP & Denver Ballet Guild Fees: TBD

  • Rehearsal/Choreographic Fees (due each Monday):

    • Classical Variation & Sr. Repertoire:

      • $45 per hour per dancer​

    • Contemporary Solo:

      • $200 Choreographic Fee per dancer (a one-time fee made out directly to the choreographer)

      • $45 per hour per dancer

    • Classical Duet or Pas de Deux:

      • $30 per hour per dancer

    • Contemporary Duet or Pas de Deux:

      • $150 Choreographer Fee per dancer (a one-time made out directly to the choreographer)

      • $30 per hour per dancer

    • Trios or Group Variations Rehearsals (3 or fewer dancers):

      • $25 per hour per dancer

    • Group Ensemble or Group Variation Rehearsals (4 or more dancers):

      • $20 per hour per dancer

  • Costume Rental Fees:

    • Dancers and parents reserve the right to purchase their costumes (in place of renting) as long as the Artistic Director has given their approval and artistic direction prior to the purchase.

    • These rental fees include the care, storage, cleaning, and alterations required for each individual dancer’s needs.

      • 1 Costume: $175 (per event)

      • 2 Costumes: $250 (per event)

      • 3 Costumes: $300 (per event)

      • 4 or more costumes: $95 per costume per event

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