Teacher Assistant Program Information

We are now entering our 4th season of the Teacher Assistant Program. This program is designed for dancers who want to pursue dance instruction in the future.



  • Dancers must be level Intermediate B or higher

  • Danced with Colorado Ballet Society for one or more years 


Dancers can assist our faculty in the following classes:

  • Sparkle Dance program for children ages 2.5-5 years old

  •  Children's Division classes:

    • Ballet

    • Tap

    • Contemporary/Jazz

    • Acro

    • Hip Hop

    • Broadway

  • Some Studio Division Classes for Ballet​

Teacher Assistant Program Expectations:

  • Your commitment is for a 44-week school year (August through July 18,
    2020, if your summer training schedule at Colorado Ballet Society
    allows). If you are not available this summer for any other reason, please let us know at the time of completing the application.

  • Your uniform dress code and skirt are required for the ballet class(es) you are assisting. All other classes please wear appropriate dress code requirements.

  • You are committing to all designated meetings, one Saturday a month from 8:30-8:50am. ALL TA’s will be assigned to assist a class after each meeting. 

  • You are committing to all dress rehearsals and performances for the class(es) you are assisting.

  • You are committing to assisting as backstage crew, lobby help, or backstage helpers for Holiday Showcase on December 15, 2019, as well as the Children’s Division Dress Rehearsals on June 5&6, 2020, and Children’s Division Performances on June 13, 2020

  • You are committing to instructional training with Colorado Ballet Society faculty.

  • It is expected that you will be prepared for the class you are assisting by:

    • Confirming that the rosters are completed

    • That the barres are moved (if necessary)

    • That props are ready to go

    • That the music is on and ready

    • Helping with additional tasks that the instructor may request

    • Complete time card each time you assist or work with faculty

Teacher Assistant Program Achievements:

  • 120 Recorded Hours Per Year- Gold Certificate

    • Name, head shot, and biography on Colorado Ballet Society’s website

    • $60 in Ballet Bucks to be used toward tuition or at the Ballerina Boutique

    • End of the year Pizza Party

  • 80 Recorded Hours Per Year- Silver Certificate

    • $40 in Ballet Bucks to be used toward tuition or at the Ballerina Boutique

    • End of the year Pizza Party

  • 40 Recorded Hours Per Year- Bronze Certificate

    • $20 in Ballet Bucks to be used toward tuition or at the Ballerina Boutique

    • End of the year Pizza Party

2019-2020 Teacher Assistants:

Teacher Assistants who Earned a Gold Certificate:


Elizabeth Worf has studied dance at Colorado Ballet Society for 6 years, and has been a TA for 2 1/2 years. She has enjoys discovering the different ways young dancers learn and how to apply that to help them grow in their dance abilities. Some of Elizabeth’s favorite roles as a CYB member include Clara in The Nutcracker, and part of the Swan Corp in Swan Lake. She is a home-schooled high school student who enjoys reading and creative writing when she’s not dancing.


Lauryn Mechelse, age 15, started dancing when she was four at Tennessee Dance Arts Conservatory. She moved to Colorado when she was seven and began taking ballet classes at Colorado Ballet Society. She now takes various styles of dance including ballet, tap, broadway, flamenco, and contemporary as well as going on to be a teacher assistant for her third year. In her free time, Lauryn enjoys hanging out with her friends and family. She hopes to turn dance into a career in broadway style or teaching someday.


Nicole Norman is in the 9th grade and part of The Village online high school. She has been dancing at Colorado Ballet Society since she was three-years-old. Her future goal is to become a professional dancer. She has been participating in the Teacher Assistant program for three years, and enjoys being a Teacher Assistant because it helps her see dance and learn about the art through a different perspective.


Veronica Masztalerz, 14, has been dancing for 8 years and plans to continue throughout her high school career. Her passion for ballet and other forms of dance have inspired her to teach others. She aspires for younger children to find the same joy and excitement she had when she first started dancing. Veronica continues to TA because she wants to assist the teacher in any way she can, allowing the class to be more enjoyable for not only the kids, but the instructor as well. Aside from her involvement in the studio, Veronica enjoys spending her time traveling with her family, and has a great interest in engineering and robotics. She’s very excited to continue working as a TA, and can’t wait to see the new generation of dancers find their passion.