Physical Therapy

Colorado Ballet Society strives to provide balanced dance instruction - excellence is always our goal, but we are first and foremost focused on the physical and emotional health of our students which is why we have a physical therapist visit our studio the third Wednesday of every month.

Joe McCaleb

Meet our in-studio physical therapist

Joe McCaleb,  MPT, BSAT, COMT, Dip MT, Cert DN, KTTI, is the former managing partner and clinical director of the Professional Place Office location of Action Potential Physical Therapy. He received his bachelors in athletic training in 1996 from Grand Canyon University and his Master of Physical Therapy from Texas Tech in 2005. He is Certified in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy and Dry Needling. He holds a Diploma in Manipulative Therapy and is a Master Kinesiology Taping Instructor. He will begin his post doctoral work in 2017.

Joe's approach is "eclectic" with his varied clinical and teaching experiences. He also has experience in wound and burn care. He has extensively researched concepts in integrative care. His published paper, "Group and Home Based Tai Chi in Elderly Subjects with Knee Osteoarthritis" is an example of this. He is passionate about biomechanics and musculoskeletal rehabilitation as well as the use of kinesiology tape as an adjunct to enhance care. Joe is the team physical therapist for the American Distance Project and the company physical therapist for the Colorado Ballet Society and various other high level athletes and weekend warriors.

In his spare time, Joe enjoys spending time hiking with his dog Butterscotch, flying his drone and driving his Dodge Challenger while enjoying great music. He has also has learned from the patients perspective what patients truly feel in the recovery process as he continues to recover from tearing all 8 quadriceps muscles in November 2015.

Joe strives to help our dancers overcome injuries and, in conjunction with Ballet Society instructors, recognize injuries early.


Joe says, “Most importantly, we work together to prevent injuries in the dancers through early detection of dysfunction, and appropriate exercise and stretches to further reduce dysfunctions found. The goal is to help the dancers remain pain free, strong, and able to dance with the knowledge that they are doing so with a great support system in place. I work with Ballet Society to improve overall dance fitness to keep the dancers doing what they love to do.”

Meet Joe McCaleb

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