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Challenging the stereotype of early childhood dance classes, Superheroes is a class focused on building strength, athleticism, coordination, and determination in a boy-friendly environment, with girls welcome. 

Superheroes will learn basic dance movement as they go on daring and exciting adventures aboard pirate ships, in outer-space, and under the ocean depths. Capes and swords will take center stage over tutus and wands as students learn what it takes to be a gentleman or lady of focused determination. All students are given the opportunity to showcase their talents in a

year-end performance.

Superheroes_Updated 2.png

Why Superheroes? Studies consistently show the benefits of dance education for young men: improved attention span, improved gross motor coordination, correlations to improved reading skills, increased emotional vocabulary, increased self-confidence, and improved athleticism.

In fact, many professional athletes are required to take ballet to improve their game on the field or court! 

We have seen these benefits time and again, and are ready to meet the needs of our community with a class to help young men experience these benefits while encouraging strong, masculine movement in an environment geared towards the various learning styles and needs of boys ages 4-7.

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