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Four Things Every Parent Should Know Before Choosing a Dance Studio

So…you have decided to enroll your child in a dance class and maybe you are wondering how to decide which studio to choose.

Does it matter in which studio you decide to enroll your child? YES!

Here are four important elements which can make a huge difference in the quality of instruction your child receives and the overall enjoyment and satisfaction they will experience in a dance program.

1. What is the size of the studio and what type of dance floor is used?

A large studio gives students the advantages of having room to express themselves and move freely. A sprung dance floor rests on a system of padding to absorb the shock of jumping. The top layer of the floor is also important. Marley floor is accepted worldwide as the best surface for recreational and professional dance.

2. What makes instruction excellent?

A well taught class will bring out the best in each student. Imaginations are sparked as individuals develop their gifts and grow in confidence. This is accomplished by having professionally trained faculty following a well-designed school syllabus. Teachers will get to know each student personally as they challenge and mentor them.

3. Is the overall environment healthy?

A healthy environment will train the whole person, rather than just a physique, with consistent guidance in educating students. Proper training ensures less wear and tear on a young body and creates a positive atmosphere.

4. What special programs are offered?

Be sure that your child’s studio offers programs that fit your family’s needs. Ensure that performances are entertaining and ones that your dancer will be thrilled to be part of. Summer programs and Master Classes are also important training opportunities.

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