Colorado Ballet Society takes their Superior Instruction and Coaching Online

In March, Colorado Ballet Society joined the rest of the nation in a mandatory stay-at-home order, temporarily closing their physical doors for classes and rehearsals. Over their two-week Spring Break, they designed and implemented a brand-new online education and coaching program for ages 2.5 and up called CBS On Pointe, officially launching on April 1. As Ballet Society adheres to the statewide recommendations for social distancing, they will continue to offer online classes, education, and coaching to ensure that their dancers (current, new, and visiting) are able to engage and learn during this time.

“Parents and dancers have made a significant investment in training, and we would like the opportunity to preserve and advance that investment,” explains Ballet Society founder and director, Patricia Hoffman. “It's important physically, mentally, and emotionally to keep up with one's skills, progress, and growing artistry. We are fully embracing our virtual opportunities to deepen our connections, and CBS teachers are here to connect in so many ways with our community of dancers through CBS On Pointe.”

“I am incredibly proud of the quality CBS On Pointe is providing,” shares Ballet Society instructor Bethanny Jorenby. “Truth be told, I wasn't sure what sort of quality we'd be able to provide online, but have been continually amazed at the excellence I'm seeing roll out of this program.”

“While the circumstances are less than ideal, I have loved working with the faculty and staff at Colorado Ballet Society to develop this online program,” says Ballet Society instructor Amy Schaefer. “The knowledge, experience and creativity the team possesses has allowed us to bring to life a robust online curriculum in a very short amount of time.”

CBS On Pointe contains 16 Google Classrooms and offers instruction in 12 different levels in various dance styles including ballet, pointe, tap, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, character, stretch, conditioning, and cardio. With space restrictions in mind, Ballet Society instructors record themselves and/or student demonstrators (when state requirements allow) in the various dance classes and levels.

New class instruction videos are released on designated days of the week in the corresponding levels of Google Classroom, and all dancers enrolled in the classroom have access to the videos. In this way, dancers can continue their regimen of training for as many weeks as Ballet Society is required to be closed. Dancers can retake any of the classes in Google Classroom as often as they’d like, giving the dancer and family full autonomy over their schedule. This program also allows students the freedom to try new classes that they may not have been registered for during the regular year.