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‘On the Edge’ Performance Showcases Local Award-Winning Dancers’ Talent and Versatility

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Media Relations Specialist contact: SarahRose Lorrig 719-722-0922

Colorado Ballet Society will present their performance, “On the Edge,” Sunday, March 13th, 2022, in two performances, 2pm & 5pm at Colorado Springs Christian School at 2845 Mallow Road, 80907. Highlighting Colorado Ballet Society (CBS), Connexus Dance Collective (CDC), and National Honor Society for Dance Arts Chapter (NHSDA) dancers, this performance will feature award winning dancers while displaying diverse abilities in three acts. Act 1, dancers will be performing variations from Coppelia, Stella Natalis, Sleeping Beauty, and other classic works. Acts 2 & 3 express and explore the themes of ‘Seasons,’ and “Liminal Space,” featuring more contemporary dance styles. This performance will keep you “On the Edge” of your seat!

"Our students have worked on variations throughout the year," Says Kate Walsh-Honea, Colorado Ballet Society's Artistic Director. "I always look forward to the polished, finished product in the preformance. It is rewarding to watch the students grow to feel and look confident when they finally present their work in performance. Variations have so many details from technique to artistry. Putting it all together for the stage is a special experience.”

Eight Colorado Ballet Society dancers took home scholarships and awards in the 2021 Dance Alliance of the Pikes Peak Region’s Esther Geoffrey Competition in the Overall Category, Ballet Category, and Contemporary Category. At this performance, the audience will enjoy seeing these award winners and experience dances ranging from the intense variation of Esmeralda to the fun-loving character of Swanilda’s variation from Act 3 of Coppelia in Act 1. Act 2 shines a spotlight on Colorado Ballet Society’s National Honor Society of Dance Arts students in ‘Seasons’ and Act 3 features the contemporary program, the Connexus Dance Collective, with the theme of ‘Liminal Spaces’.

“It is exciting seeing the students take on so many different challenges," Says Walsh-Honea. "In the CDC section the students are learning challenging contemporary choreography from three of out highly talented faculty members. I have had the opportunity to watch a few sections of the choreography, and I am so impressed to see how the students were attacking and absorbing the new work."

The Connexus Dance Collective in a branch of Colorado Ballet Society, designed to create a space for more diverse exploration in styles of dance. It is focused on improving and expanding a dancer's exposure into more contemporary dance forms while introducing pre-professional students to the styles and techniques they might experience in a more contemporary company.

“Personally, I believe the highlight of this performance is the premier of ‘Liminal Spaces’, enthuses Laci Landry who is the director of the Connexus Dance Collective. “The CDC dancers have been working incredibly hard on these pieces since October, and I can't wait to share their growth and artistry with the audience. It’s an abstract work exploring the "in between", and with the varying yet complimentary choreographic styles of myself, Ana Noelle, and Nichole Bennis. It’s been a pleasure to work with each of them and I am so excited to see it come together on stage.”

In this performance dancers will explore new characters and styles and their own unique voices as growing artists.

“My artistic abilities have definitely been challenged and stretched,” shares Amanda Mullenix, CBS junior and winner of the 2021 Esther Geoffrey 2nd Overall Scholarship, who is choreographing a piece for the last act featuring the NHDSA. “There are so many sides to choreography, everything from the practical side of balancing the deadline to the artistic side of making sure the choreography fits the dancers. It has really put my skills to the test. There is definitely a difference between just playing with moves and officially choreographing, but it’s been so fun, to be learning and growing in the process!”

“In the dance world today, dancers need to have a broad range of repertoire under their belt, and this gives the students multiple opportunities to work on professional level choreography and dance skills needed for the future,” says Walsh-Honea.

“As I choreographed my piece for ‘On the Edge’, I have gained new insight into the difficulties of the choreographic process,” says Elizabeth Rose, winner of the 2021 Esther Geoffrey 3rd in Ballet Scholarship. “My understanding of how each of the dancers in a piece contributes to its aesthetic and how all of the different components come together to make it feel complete has grown so much.”

“The artistic diversity of the show is a challenge because dance is always evolving,” remarks Walsh-Honea.

“This production truly highlights the strength and versatility of the dancers at Colorado Ballet Society,” enthuses Landry.

Tickets can be purchased online and are $20 for adults and $15 for children ages 8 and under.

General information on the Colorado Ballet Society is available online at:

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Who: Colorado Ballet Society’s Colorado Youth Ballet and Connexus Dance Collective, CBS National Honor Society for Dance Arts Secondary Chapter

What: On the Edge a vibrant performance of new works and classical variations by Colorado Youth Ballet, Connexus Dance Collective and CBS National Honor Society for Dance Arts Secondary Chapter

When: Sunday, March 13, 2022 at 2:00pm and 5:00pm

Where: Colorado Springs Christian School 2845 Mallow Road, CS, CO 80907

Tickets: $18 for Adults and $13 for Children 8 and under.

Figure 1: Finale of 2021’s “Under the Canopy” | PC: Ted Mehl of A Better Image Photography

Figure 2: Isabel Harris as Lucile Grahn | PC: Ted Mehl of A Better Image Photography

Figure 3: Amanda Mullenix as Macaw | PC: Ted Mehl of A Better Image Photography

Figure 4: Elizabeth Rose as Silver Fairy from “Sleeping Beauty” | PC: Ted Mehl of A Better Image Photography

Figure 5: Trinity Isidore as the Nightingale | PC: Ted Mehl of A Better Image Photography

Figure 6: Elizabeth Rose, Trinity Isidore, Isabella Wilson, and Amanda Mullenix as Jewel Fairies from “Sleeping Beauty” | PC: Ted Mehl of A Better Image Photography

Figure 7: Alea Brown as the Great Egret | PC: Ted Mehl of A Better Image Photography

Figure 8: Finale of 2021’s “Touch of Class” | PC: Ted Mehl of A Better Image Photography

Figure 9: Flamingos Dance form “Encore” 2021 | PC: Ted Mehl of A Better Image Photography


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